The Ugly Cat Studio is is now officially open!

The Ugly Cat Studio is is now officially open!

Welcome to the Ugly Cat Studio! We've finally opened our doors and are raring to go!

Who am I?

I'm Catherine Hébert, a Montréal based artist. I have a day job as a visual effects artist, and I have years of experience in illustration and animation. (In fact I have two degrees in animation, as excessive as that may seem!). You can see some of my illustration work on my portfolio, or at my personal website,

What is the Ugly Cat Studio?

Put simply, the Ugly Cat Studio is my little corner on the Internet where you can see and purchase my illustrations (in a variety of sizes and paper stocks!).

Need a gift for that one friend who has everything? Or maybe you need to decorate your newborn's nursery. Or perhaps your kitchen needs some funky mushroom art to spice up the decor. From lazy cats, to scientific (ish!) posters of mushrooms and constellations, my goal is to create artwork that minimalist but still fun and whimsical.

Why should you shop here?

Because I told you to! What other reason could anyone possibly need!

Why "ugly cat"?! All cats are cute!

You're right, all cats ARE cute. No cat is ugly! Unfortunately not everyone agrees.

The name goes all the way back to my cat Russell that I had when I was young. He was the sweetest cat every, bar none. He was white with grey spots, as you can see in our website logo.

One day a lady with a sharp tongue and poor taste was at our house and she exclaimed, “My god, he’s so strange, so ugly, it looks like they ran out of paint when they made him!”.

Russell inspired me to make a quick doodle of him, proving that he was in fact cute and not "ugly". However the "ugly cat" name stuck, despite its inaccuracy.

Russell, the OG Ugly Cat

The quick doodle still exists, and serves as the inspiration for the Studio.

What's coming up?

I've got a ton of new prints in the pipeline. You'll have to stay tuned to find out more!

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